Friday, September 26, 2008

Courage + Believe = Life

I first heard of John Challis on ESPN - his story is amazing yet sad as he lost his battle with cancer last month. May we all live our life and not take anything for granted as this young man did.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Google Desktop

I have been playing around with resurrecting a surplus pc that I got from a school auction and using some old parts created my franken-pc. I loaded XP on it and found a pretty cool app by google again that puts a 'sidebar' on your desktop that makes it look similar to windows Vista. Here is a screen shot of my vista desktop and notice the sidebar with the clock and stuff on it on the right.

it is pretty cool and you can add different gadgets and customize it --- my main favorites would be the analog clock and weather gadget.

Flag Football / Babies

Well on monday we found out Cynthia is pregnant and we saw the heart beat -- the baby is due in may 2009 (early part of the month) -- pretty exciting stuff. We had to change Dr's as the one that delivered Wyatt retired from delivering. So we moved to his practicing partner. No dvd yet of the ultrasound but once we get that I will re-encode and post it on here.

Saturday was our first flag football game - our ward team (thankfully consisting of a little more than half of them are 18-20) and we won 39-0. We had dominated them but they were alot older and played a man down. I wasn't as sore but it was nice to get some rest during the game and have some fresh legs.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quiz Show Link

You have to have real player -- you can listen to the whole segment or just que it up to min 14 and start from there -- enjoy my debut!! hehe

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I was on a radio quiz show - and won!

So I have been listening to this radio show called "What do you know" for 10 years now.  It is mainly broadcast on 88.9 fm or something like that in the midwest and since it isn't out here in UT I have had to listen to it on the web / or podcasts.  What is this show?  Well it is an entertainment show and they usually have a guest and it consists of a live studio audience then it is capped off with a quiz show portion where a caller is teamed up with an audience member.  So I wanted to do this and went to their website to find out how -- 

So I sent an emailed to them through this and then you are supposed to wait by your phone from like 9am to 10am -- so I did this and they called but I was getting a haircut and didn't answer my cell.  I later checked my voicemail and it was them.  DANG IT!  So I emailed them again and told them I again wanted to be on the show so they emailed back and told me they would keep my info for the show.  So I waited again this past saturday and they CALLED!! WOOHOO!!   So what you have to do to even play the quiz is answer a qualifying question and they are usually VERY hard and obscure.  So I was on hold and while on hold you can listen to the show and hear them up to the point of when they put you on live.  So the qualifying question was something about what percentage of the pumpkins shares its DNA with humans.  So I quickly googled it and found the answer was 75% and BAM -- just like that I was live on the show -- so what happened?  Well check out the website and look for the show archives and check it out for yourself - it is the 9-6-08 show and I am in the hour 1 quiz -- I was soooo nervous so I probably sounded very dorkish!  


I downloaded the new google web browser called google chrome.  It is actually pretty cool and pretty darn fast.  It is free and really streamlined and hasn't crashed.  Nothing I don't like about it yet.  

I think the only thing I don't like about it is how it views images from some websites.  If I wanted to just view the images sometimes it will just download them to the desktop when I just want to view them in a different window.  There is probably some setting you can tweak to fix that but who wants to do that.  

Look what came to visit us.......

So last saturday I was in the living room watching a little college football when Cynthia opens door and says "Jay come out here now and look at this" so I go out there and saw this massive catepillar beast.  It was HUUUGE -- about the size of my middle finger.  It would rear up like some kind of miniture monster.  Wyatt absolutely hated it.  So what happened to it?  Well somehow it ended up in a neighbors back yard!


  HOORAY after only 29 days we have reached spam milestone numero uno!  1000 spams!  I actually reached it last week but the total time was 29 days current the count is 1337.  Now I have to make point out that I am using my gmail account because I have used most of my other ones as junk email accounts where if I sign up for something I always put those or when I tried that 'free ipod' offer I used a different one.  My gmail account that I use as my main email, is used mainly for family, friends and bills so this is just the normal spam received without any outside manipulations.