Sunday, September 7, 2008

I was on a radio quiz show - and won!

So I have been listening to this radio show called "What do you know" for 10 years now.  It is mainly broadcast on 88.9 fm or something like that in the midwest and since it isn't out here in UT I have had to listen to it on the web / or podcasts.  What is this show?  Well it is an entertainment show and they usually have a guest and it consists of a live studio audience then it is capped off with a quiz show portion where a caller is teamed up with an audience member.  So I wanted to do this and went to their website to find out how -- 

So I sent an emailed to them through this and then you are supposed to wait by your phone from like 9am to 10am -- so I did this and they called but I was getting a haircut and didn't answer my cell.  I later checked my voicemail and it was them.  DANG IT!  So I emailed them again and told them I again wanted to be on the show so they emailed back and told me they would keep my info for the show.  So I waited again this past saturday and they CALLED!! WOOHOO!!   So what you have to do to even play the quiz is answer a qualifying question and they are usually VERY hard and obscure.  So I was on hold and while on hold you can listen to the show and hear them up to the point of when they put you on live.  So the qualifying question was something about what percentage of the pumpkins shares its DNA with humans.  So I quickly googled it and found the answer was 75% and BAM -- just like that I was live on the show -- so what happened?  Well check out the website and look for the show archives and check it out for yourself - it is the 9-6-08 show and I am in the hour 1 quiz -- I was soooo nervous so I probably sounded very dorkish!  

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