Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday in the Woods

We ended up having Wyatt's birthday party in the woods. It was part of the Reeves reunion and let's just say Wyatt likes being outside and in the outdoors but not more than a day. I think he just felt out of his element (whatever that is) plus the absence of a nap makes for one cranky kid. He got his favorite thing a golf club. It turned out good though aside from one of his cousins leaving some cheek skin on the road when she fell off a longboard skateboard.


We went to lagoon with Nanci and her family along with cheri and her family and James and Marianne and their family. We didn't know how wyatt would be with the whole process and he really didn't like it. There were alot of people and just so much activity going on I think he was a little freaked out. BUT we did get to go on the ferris wheel which at first he freaked out. But then calmed down. He sure was ok about getting off of it as soon as it was over though. Overall Cynthia ended up leaving early with the kids because Wyatt just got too tired and cranky. Then the rain started and we stood under a tree. Then it stopped and we went on more rides.


WOW have I neglected the blog or what. Things just got sooo busy or I just got lazy at blogging. Probably a combo of both. I will try and pick up where we left off which was little valley days. Alot has happened but nothing real exciting just your normal run of the mill stuff. August was Salsa month. We had so many tomatos it wasn't even funny. I think I planted too many plants in one box because they turned in the a mess of tomatos. We had roma's growing into the big boys and beefsteaks. We made several batches of tomatos and finally figured out a few tricks to make it not so runny having causing us to cook it down half a day. Just squeeze a little of the tomato juices out (duh).