Monday, February 16, 2009

January 2009

WOW has this year started and gone fast - I have to say though that I haven't really kept any of my resolutions. But we have met some of our goals if that makes any sense.

Preschool for Cynthia started back up in January and the sicknesses started for all of us. I was the first one to get the 24 hr flu. Then Wyatt got the croup. Then Cynthia got a cold. Then it all happened again a few weeks later. I think this time we all got colds. So January hasn't been much fun for us.

I got my new ipod -- well new to me -- it is a refurb 3rd gen ipod nano -- I get a discount through the state and wanted this one as it does video. With apple you can rent tv episodes or movies and download them to the ipod. I mainly use it for my podcasts (the free ones). But that meant I did have to part with my beloved 1st gen ipod nano that I got from one of those 'free ipod' sites. Yes this one did work for me. However it took 6 months of harranging (sic) them to get it. Not worth it when I look back on it. But it was fun. I have since checked that site and it is out of business. I think too many people found too many loopholes.

We got our new Wii game - DEAL OR NO DEAL -- we love it -- and more importantly Wyatt LOVES IT -- he will get in his sumo stance and then say "NO DEEEEL".

Cynthia is pretty much over the hump as far as the pregnancy goes. All is well -- she is a little kicker though.