Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Where has the time gone? That was the phrase most commonly uttered by the Cones this past week. In a flurry known as the holidays it left barely any time to reflect on the year. So to recap here is what we did -- the week of Christmas started with the annual Cone Christmas party hosted by us. All attended except for those out of state (Ma & Pa & Oma) and the Andersens - Ma/Pa did make a conference call to the party so that was nice to have them check in. We had the usual Christmas dinner (Ham, Sides, Dessert) -- then we exchanged gifts and then had a special Christmas Jam session with Brother Jon Jon who so graciously brought his electric guitar and amp with microphone. The younger ones enjoyed singing Karaoke Style while we all sang too. Other hand instruments were available (wyatt and I had the tamborine). Fast forward to Christmas eve where the Jensen's (Cynthia's mom's side of the family) all migrated north about a hop skip and a jump from the north pole (ok not really but seems like it) to the little canyon town called Mantua (just north of Brigham City). It was a great time. Good food and lots of it. After dinner we had a cool story read by Cynthia's Aunt Dineen and then all went home to wait for Santa (or as Wyatt says "DANDA"). Christmas morning was snowing but we all rolled out of bed when Wyatt did around 7:30am and opened gifts. Wyatt got a few of the fisher price little people and a dump truck and some other Car's toys -- his absolute favorite is the Nerf Bowling set we got him.

After opening our gifts we headed down to West Valley City to join all those who could make it to the Reeves Ranch on Maple Way for some lunch. After that we headed home and then woke up friday morning with the FLU -- then a cold (BAM BAM or DOUBLE BAM). Not fun at all!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


We just showed Wyatt "ELF" and he loves it. He just sits and laughs and mimics him. But he usually doesn't watch the whole thing. He kinda gets bored after the first 1/3 of the movie.


We got about 6 inches of nice new christmas snow. It just wouldn't seem like the holidays without it. Clearing the drive was fun ... not really! Now that we are way past November and halfway into December I have to let everyone know I am still alive just not blogging that much. DUH! I noticed with all the other blogs I am following that is kind of an occuring theme. People take Hiatus' every now and then. There is no way I can do a daily blog. I will leave that to others to do. However I kinda wanted to do a weekly one but that just isn't happening either.

Wyatt has become addicted to The Polar Express. Mainly because it has a train in it. His interests lately are trains, anything bowling, and taking the Christmas balls off the tree and throwing them through his basketball hoop. They tend to get stuck though with that hook thing and we end up with a net full of ornaments. He has discovered that chocolate is a pretty darned good tasting thing. This was verified with his downing of an entire package of M&M's at the Reeves Xmas Party. We enjoyed some home made soups, exchanged some gifts, and then went to the zoo to see the lights. It wasn't too cold but luckily the monkeys and other animals were in these indoor buildings. Wyatt loved them -- there were a few of them that looked like "Dexter" from "The Night at the Museum".

Thanksgiving to recap we all migrated up to MANTUA -- pronounced Man-too-aye -- not MAN-too-ah -- I was corrected on that one back when I first heard of it. I made my mom's famous strawberry fruitcubes / ginger ale drink. I think people were skeptical and there were a few that thought it was cubed watermelon? I don't know why but I had to explain over and over how good they were. Half the people there said they were real good and commented this to me. The other half didn't voice it but judging by the fact they were for the most part all gone I would say they like them too. Grandma Reeves turkey was delicious and ofcourse I over ate. Who has will power on that day.

Day after thanksgiving was not too exciting this year. Not like last year where I was called a f***er by some girls who were trying to cut in line at target. I pointed them out to security who pulled them out. Too bad so sad. No this year Cynthia braved the shopoholic crazed heathens. She did get some good loot though. I did go out with Wyatt to the Office Depot to get some cheap dvd+r's then we went out to the Ihop and had some skillet thing. Pretty good at the time but then decided it really didn't get along with my stomach and I had a belly ache for 2 hours. Alot of stupid drivers out that day. Alot of people were also looking for the ever elusive Wii's -- one guy was outside Sam's Club and asking the door greeter if they had anymore because he was going to join sams club for 1 year just to get he wii. Heck I should have bought some and held out selling them til November black friday. I just can't gouge people like that. I have picked up some for my friends but that is about it.

So we are very excited to have a girl. The ultrasound was pretty confident showing no male giblets and this ultrasound lady was the same one who did Wyatt's. Cynthia said she can feel the baby kicking more now. Getting a little cramped in there I guess.

Baby Baby

Ok so we had our ultrasound and got these pics. Somewhat freaky with the whole one eye thing. One is the face and you can see the mouth and eye the other is the side profile of the skull. They had some legs and feet but these were the coolest.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008