Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer time blues

Wow what a hot summer it has been so far. Since my last post we have added on some concrete to our driveway and doing away with the uninspiring rocks and then put some dirt for cynthia to plant flowers. Next year we will probably put sprinklers in there but this year Super Wy has been enjoying his new 'chore' .... watering! We put that watering thing on there and he absolutely loves playing with that. I don't know how much watering he actually does but he sure enjoys it nonetheless.

May came and went pretty fast. We got our stimilus check and used it to payoff our couch and a few other things for the yard. Cynthia was in charge of the Ward BBQ so we spent alot of time planning that and I hope it was a success it seemed that way anyway. Stamps went to .42 cents -- I read that a while back they passed some law that made it so the US postal service can change it whenever they want or feel it is needed. I guess before it had to be passed by Congress or something.
We finally got some new neighbors in the circle -- I am horrible with names but we welcomed them and found out they are from washington and lived on an island there. They are very nice people and we definately welcome them more than the bachelor / animal house tenants from before. No more half naked people climbing on the roof and chasing each other, no more smashed pumpkins all over the circle, no more unwatered brown lawn, no more leaky moss ridden sidewalks from their unkept sprinkler system valves, no more using the entire circle for a parking lot blocking almost everyone's driveway, no more dogs pooping all over everyone else's lawn, no more late night arguments with girlfriends and then loud car noises as they sped away, no more 'band' practice in their basement...other than all of that it wasn't too bad.